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About PCI

At Pondera County Insurance, our mission is to do business differently.  We are committed to providing the best customer service to each and every client.  We will do this by placing you, the customer, at the center of every decision. We will earn your business by building a relationship based on trust, and we will retain your business by providing you with superior insurance products, better coverage, and we will stand behind our products.

Our Core Values

"Create fun & a little weirdness"

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VAnessa bucklin

Agent / Owner

Vanessa’s grandfather was one of the first agents in Conrad and she is honored to walk in his footsteps generations later.  Vanessa proudly founded PCI in 2013 and now works closely with her outstanding team of licensed agents.

Vanessa specializes in estate planning and asset protection, focusing on family farms and next generation transitions.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Summa Cum Laude, from UNLV and her MBA from the University of Montana.  Recently, she earned her CLU from the American College.   Prior to opening her own agency, Vanessa had 15 years of lending experience as a VP and Commercial and Agriculture Loan Officer.  She believes that being financially prepared for the unforeseen obstacles and opportunities is vital.  

Vanessa is married to Tyler who is a Superintendent of Schools, a farmer, and an Ultra Runner.  Together they have three children: Claire, Nicholas, and Coco.  In her spare time, she enjoys competing in marathons and ultra marathons, as well as spending time with her active kids.  

Vanessa is also now a published author! Looking to take The Penultimate Step in your life? Her book will inspire you to do just that! Find her book here... 

*When asked her go to elevator speech - 'Hello, I own a financial services and insurance business, Pondera County Insurance, in Conrad, MT. I started it from scratch in my hometown to help fill a need for our state. I help people understand where they are financially today, and create a plan to get them to where they want to be in the future financially. My agency works holistically with you & your loved ones to protect and guide you with each step of your journey.'

You can also check out her website here!

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University of Montana Alumni Board of Directors

"Banking On Herself" by Susan Rupe,

It's not Greek to Vanessa!

Vanessa Bucklin: The Penultimate Step - The Sandro Forte Podcast | Podcast on Spotify


Kenzie Greer

Agent / Property & Casualty Account Manager

Kenzie joined the PCI team in September 2016 as our Property & Casualty Account Manager and licensed P&C Agent.  


Insurance business runs in her family, as her mom and step-dad have worked in insurance for over 30 years and Kenzie has been helping insurance customers in Conrad for years.  


She has two very active daughters; Hannah and Kambria. Her husband Jimmy is a local barber at his shop, the Rusty Blade.  In her spare time, Kenzie enjoys reading a good book, knitting, hiking, fishing, camping and spending time with her family. 

*When asked her go to elevator speech - 'I work at PCI Conrad, We are an independent insurance agency. I specialize in Commercial & Farm Property and Casualty Insurance.' I provide coverage for farmers and business owners all throughout Montana. We are different than your average agency because we get to know our clients and we search the market to find coverage that fits their specific needs. Since we are an Independent Agency we can provide coverage through many different companies. Here's my card, let us know if you would like a free quote.'

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Kiley Judisch

Agent / Customer Service Representative

Kiley is a personal lines agent and CSR, she has been with Pondera County Insurance since January 2014. Kiley is licensed in P&C, and is here for all you home & auto needs!

She loves country music and is always game for a good concert, especially if her boy Eric Church is involved. Kiley loves being outdoors and enjoys going to the mountains for day or weekend trips with her family. Kiley is ‘momma’ to Pryor Lux,  Aimes L. & Storie Rose, they add all the spice to life! Kiley has never been a ‘cat person’ but it’s amazing how kids can change you. They have a fluffy cat called ‘Shenandoah’, her name changes almost weekly, according to Pryor she is now ‘Sabre’.  Kiley loves a good Western and can quote ‘Tombstone’ almost line by line. She’ll ‘be your huckleberry’ any day!

*When asked her go to elevator speech - 'I'm Kiley, I work at Pondera County Insurance in Conrad MT. I've never had to 'stop, drop & roll' but if I did I would hope my assets were covered! Do you own a home, I'd love to run some quotes for you, toss in some auto while we're at it too. Whatever your needs, Pondera County Insurance has got you!


Samantha Garman

Agent Assistant 

Samantha joined the PCI dream team in October of 2021. She works to help Vanessa with servicing all New York Life Insurance Policies, Annuities, Long Term Care, and Investments. She is a born and raised Conrad gal with a strong love for her small Montana town. Sam is a busy mama that spends most of her days chasing around her 4 year old daughter Renley and her 1 year old son Roan. When she’s not wrangling her kids she is out with her dogs wrangling cow’s or taking care of her chickens. She is a lover of Jesus and serves on the Woman’s Ministry team at her church. She enjoys hiding away in the mountains on long camping trips with her family, cuddling up on the couch crocheting, and canning up any fresh produce she can get her hands on!

*When asked her go to elevator speech - Hello, I am Samantha Alspaw. I am the assistant for Vanessa Bucklin. She sells Life and Long Term Care insurance and helps clients gear up for retirement by investing their hard earned money. We strongly hold to the values this country was built on. A handshake deal will tell you that we mean what we say. Our clients come first. So much of our country is in debt and struggling. Our mission is to help people know how to invest their money wisely so they can enjoy life and leave behind a legacy of generational wealth instead of generational debt. 


Tiffany Pruttis

Agent / Customer Service Representative

Tiffany is the newest member of the lady boss crew as of October 2022. After working in the coffee business for almost 8 years, she decided that it was time to move forward with a “big girl” job.  She is working on getting licensed to sell some insurance to all you fine people. It has all been a pretty big move for her but it has been the BEST move. She has a two-man household, if you don’t include her 3 cats and the lone doggo, with just herself and her son Cymon. Tiffany is mostly a homebody; staying cozy on the couch, cooking some tasty food in the winter time or doing some minor gardening in the summer. During the school year, she also follows her son around, watching him play football and basketball. If you don’t mind a newbie selling you some insurance, come in or call for a quote!!

*When asked her go to elevator speech - 'Hey guys and gals, my name is Tiffany. I work at PCI, Pondera County Insurance. I am an insurance agent who deals primarily in home and auto. I assist another one of our agents with small commercial business and farm insurance. We are here for the community and surrounding areas for all types of insurance. We are an office made of women, providing out clients the right amount of empathy and care….and fight if the need arises. Giving off mama bear vibes if you will. Our office is our second home and as such, everyone is welcome. So, if you need coverage, a smile or even just a small chat, come in, take a seat, and let us help take the load off.'


Jennifer Greyn

Office Manager


Jennifer is a Montana girl who graduated from Conrad High, studied Performing Arts in college, and has lived all over the state (after two brief stints in Wyoming and Washington.) After realizing that she was a small-town girl at heart, she returned home to Conrad with her significant other, John, and they now enjoy spending time with their three spoiled pugs and playing video games together.  In her free time, she enjoys creating intricate nails, reading at home, and indulging in any Sci-fi shows she can find.

*When asked her go to elevator speech - I'm Jennifer, the office manager at Pondera County Insurance or PCI. We provide all the typical insurance services, including coverage for your vehicle, home, business, farm, and even life. However, what sets us apart from others is our team of dynamic women who are motivated by passion, enthusiasm, and a hint of weirdness and our dedication to our community. Our community has been incredibly supportive, and we prioritize giving back through acts of kindness, customer appreciation events, and support for local programs. The world of insurance can be complex, and we’ll help you find a plan that meets not only your unique needs but also offers you peace of mind knowing your PCI agent is only a call away. Never fear PCI is here!

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